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Online BankingTake your Indiana hometown bank wherever you go!  Easy access to your money is important and Citizens State Bank makes it possible with online banking, mobile banking and telebanking. Log in to your account here. Sign up for your online bank account today!

Online Account Opening

Your convenience is extremely important to us.  That’s why Citizens State Bank has developed an online account opening portal where you can open a personal checking account, savings account or certificate of deposit account without ever leaving the comfort of your home or office.  You can even apply for a loan online and have a decision within seconds!

Best of all, Citizens State Bank is “Where Hometown Banking Takes Flight.”  That means while you get the convenience and security of online account opening, you still get a Personal Banker in Indiana who is very human indeed.  You will be served personally by our branch staff of Citizens State Bank just as if we got to see you in person all the time.

Open your personal banking account here today!

Online Banking

When you want information, Citizens State Bank online banking provides it fast.  For example, you will immediately know when a direct deposit has arrived or when a check has cleared your account.  You can see your balances and history anytime you want.  You won’t have to remember to write down ATM transactions or point-of-sale purchases – they will automatically appear on your screen.

When you want to do something with your money, Citizens State Bank online banking makes it fast and easy.  Easily move funds between accounts, make a loan or credit card payment, or schedule transactions for future dates.  To keep you fully informed, you can request reports, receive account alerts of your own choosing, and export transaction data into popular software solutions.  If you choose, you can even rename these accounts to make them easier for you to recognize and less recognizable to a stranger.

To start right now, go to the login button on our homepage and click the online banking button, accept the terms and agreement, verify your information, click continue, complete the short enrollment form and click submit.  Once you receive a verification email, you will be on your way to an easier convenient way to bank!

Online BillPay

When it comes to paying bills, quit buying stamps, stuffing envelopes and wasting time.  Pay literally anyone, anytime – from the mortgage to the babysitter – with just a few clicks from our online billpay system.  Online billpay from Citizens State Bank is secure; every transaction is tracked and guaranteed. Check out the savings here!

Customize your online billpay to work the way you like it: 

  • Set up recurring payments made automatically at the frequency you choose
  • Tailor email updates however you like for instant updates
  • View up to 18 months of transaction history

To begin using online billpay, simply sign in to your online banking portal and click Billpay in the header.  To set up payments for the first time, have your bills handy and click Add New Payee.  As you enter each one, you can designate a fixed payment, an automatic payment on specific dates, payment alerts, and much more.  Set it up exactly how you like it!

For help with Online Billpay, click here to answer some of your questions.